The Village Group

The Village Group is a 17-year strong 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Georgetown County with a mission to equip youth with the tools to build a sustainable community by focusing on college and career readiness, cultural education, and economic development. The Village Group envisions a brighter future for its next community leaders by providing enrichment programs that enforce its core values of harmony, habitat, health, and history.

The Village Group serves over 200 underserved and primarily African American scholars annually with holistic programming that supports more resilient youth. We are committed to inspiring and encouraging students to appreciate the value of being lifelong learners. As you know, The Village Group is comprised of several different programs: Plantersville Enrichment Academy (after school), Plantersville Summer Academy, Plantersville Cultural Center, The Village Flyers (bike club), and Our Village Media Group (media club). Here are some links to provide more information on the organization:

Plantersville Summer Academy Overview